CleanTech 2016

  Over 5000 participants and exhibitors from around the world are expected to attend CleanTech 2016 , the 20th annual international event for Clean Technologies: environmental quality, infrastructures and green building, renewable energy and water technologies. The event will take place at the Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem and will be a central meeting point for the CleanTech industry in Europe, Asia and Africa. The World CleanTech Awards will be delivered to outstanding candidates at the ... [Continue Reading]

WMN – Where women build startups

WMN is a social initiative founded in May 2015 to encourage more women to develop startups, and bridge the gender gap in the startup world.   Copyright: MFA video In a spacious compound at the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Port, facing the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, women initiate and build startups.WMN is a social initiative founded in May 2015 by Merav Oren, a serial and multidisciplinary entrepreneur. Its goal is to encourage more women to develop startups, and along the way bridge the ... [Continue Reading]

Water recycling technologies in Israel

Battling water shortage since its inception, Israel is now a world leader in recycling wastewater. With many countries suffering from water shortage, Israel is keen to share its knowledge and technology.   Copyright: MFA video After years of being told to conserve ‘every drop of water’, Israel now has plenty of it. How so?Battling water shortage since its inception, Israel is now a world leader in recycling wastewater – 85 percent of its domestic wastewater is being ... [Continue Reading]

Gat Fertilizers: Sharing the future of fertigation

Combining liquid and solid fertilizers with unique additives produced at its plants with exclusive, cutting edge technology, the company can  tailor fertilizer composition to a specific crop and thus maximize yields.   Copyright: Courtesy Gat Fertilizers Gat Fertilizers opened its first liquid fertilizer plant in the southern Israel town of Kiryat Gat in 1985. The plant, together with its attendant professional service and logistics, set a new benchmark in the standards offered to Israeli ... [Continue Reading]

This is My Earth: New global initiative to be launched in Knesset

This is My Earth (TiME) is an environmental start-up that we have been working on to save biodiversity through the conservation of critical habitats around the world   Copyright: (TiME) A special event will be hosted at the Knesset on March 28, 2016 to launch a new global network to protect critical ecological habitats.This is My Earth (TiME) is an environmental start-up that we have been working on to save biodiversity through the conservation of critical habitats around the world. ... [Continue Reading]

Saving water – in the Israel Navy

In honor of International Water Day, the Israel Navy presents its water-saving projects, most notably water desalination aboard naval vessels, even for generators and batteries that require filtered water.   Copyright: IDF Spokesperson On March 22, the world marks International Water Day, addressing primarily the importance of water conservation. The IDF has in recent years attached great importance to saving water and the optimal green use of this scarce resource.As part of this effort, ... [Continue Reading]

Bank of Israel Financial Statements 2015

​The 2015 financial statements were impacted on by several trends in the global economy, in the BoI’s monetary policy, and in the investment policy of the foreign exchange reserves. The balance sheet expanded by about 5 percent at the end of 2015.   ​The Bank of Israel’s balance sheet expanded by about NIS 18 billion during the year, to NIS 369 billion at the end of 2015. This is an increase of 5 percent from 2014. The increase on the assets side was attributed primarily to the growth in ... [Continue Reading]

Israel Innovation Authority selects new technological incubator licensees

Exceptional proposals in different technology sectors were tendered. The committee’s choice reflects the quality and makeup of the teams presenting the proposals, relevant markets, and the broad effect on the Israeli economy.   Copyright: Ministry of Economy Last week, the fifth round of competition was concluded in the technological incubators program in which licensees were selected to establish and run the incubators. The fifth round is the last planned for the coming years and ... [Continue Reading]

Netafim sugar cane irrigation project in Ethiopia

This is a large international agricultural project and a strategic project that reinforces Netafim’s business in both Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa. Netafim was selected to lead the project because of its proven ability to provide advanced end-to-end solutions for large-scale, complex projects.   Copyright: Netafim Ltd. Netafim Ltd., an Israeli company, has taken on a major $200 million irrigation project for the Ethiopian government’s sugar company covering 7,000 ... [Continue Reading]

Winners of Young Scientists Competition announced at Knesset

Several projects involved practical inventions, while others were more social and historical, such as life in the divided city of Berlin; the influence of Julius Caesar on the fall of the Rome; and feminism in Orthodox Jewish society compared to secular Jewish society.   Copyright: Itzik Harari (Communicated by the Knesset Spokesperson)The winners of the 19th Young Scientists and Developers Competition were announced on Tuesday (March 15, 2016) during an event held at the Knesset’s ... [Continue Reading]