Math made visual

Prof. Michal Yerushalmy, director of the University of Haifa’s Institute for Research of Alternatives in Education, recently received the international Eddie Prize for excellence in design of educational products and materials in science or mathematics in recognition of her VisualMath curriculum and its related Math4Mobile system, which enabled students to out-perform ... [Continue Reading]

 Tobacco that heals

Meeting a major unmet medical need, Israel’s CollPlant uses tobacco plants to produce collagen that can be safely used by surgeons for tissue repair.   Tobacco plants could be used to produce genetically-engineered human collagen By John Bernard  In a ... [Continue Reading]

 Moving closer to stem cell therapy

Mass-market manufacture of stem cells is closer than ever after a breakthrough by researchers from Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem.   Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem (Photo courtesy Yossi Zamir/Flash90-Israel 21c) By Karin ... [Continue Reading]

 Kick-starting Israel's place in space

While costs will be high, rewards are expected to be even higher for a local space industry in Israel, based on the existing defense and communications enterprises.   The Israeli-designed Shavit space rocket By Rivka Van Der Meer With a promised $80 million cash ... [Continue Reading]

 Third International Conference on Desertification to be held in Israel

For decades, Israel has been perfecting desertification solutions. With increasing soil erosion, salinization and groundwater mismanagement, it’s time to share them with the world. Prof. Alon Tal: "If you do nothing about desertification, people will starve and die."   Prof. Alon Tal. (Photo: Dani Machlis) ... [Continue Reading]

 Israel assumes 2011 Eureka chairmanship

  Copyright: MFA video Israel expects an exciting year of innovative discovery as it assumes the Eureka chairmanship and prepares to host Eureka events in 2011. Source: Israel MFA GovXParagraph3Length: 00:04:01 Source ... [Continue Reading]

 Israel’s EcoOcean helps protect Mediterranean

​EcoOcean’s acts of liquid kindness have developed into international collaboration projects for marine conservation.   ​By Rivka Borochov It started 11 years ago as an organization to help researchers monitor the sea, and provide marine educational facilities for youth. Today, Israel’s EcoOcean NGO is ... [Continue Reading]

 Frutarom natural flavors turns 80

​Frutarom markets more than 30,000 products to more than 14,000 customers in 130 countries, and is building another plant in Israel.   ​By Avigayil Kadesh In a couple of years, Israel’s multinational Frutarom  company will complete its latest facility, a $30 million plant in the Galilee to develop and produce a ... [Continue Reading]

 Chinese visit Israel to learn about environment

​The delegation, led by the Vice Governor of China’s Jiangsu province, focused on the fields of water resources management, pollution prevention, and technological innovation.   Copyright: Adam Schalimtzek/Ministry of Environmental Protection ​(Communicated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection) A ... [Continue Reading]

 Israel Day at Expo 2010 in Shanghai

On Thursday, May 6, Israel Day will be celebrated at the Israeli national pavilion at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, with emphasis on Israeli achievements in entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. Its unique design and the technology incorporated in it make the Israeli pavilion one of the most exciting and fascinating pavilions at the international exposition.Under the ... [Continue Reading]