15th annual CleanTech Expo to be held in Tel Aviv

The 15th annual CleanTech Expo to be held in Tel Aviv in July will highlight Israel’s solutions for the energy and water needs of Brazil, Russia, India and China, focusing on solar and water technologies, as well as other forms of renewable energy.

 15th annual CleanTech Expo to be held in Tel Aviv


Solar energy companies like Israel's Brightsource, attract a great deal of international attention.

By Rivka Borochov

Among Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s top 10 cleantech pioneers announced in April were two Israeli firms – the solar energy company BrightSource and the water monitoring company TaKaDu.

Water and sun: That’s pretty much what is setting the stage for this summer’s CleanTech 2011 conference. And what a place to do it – the sunny beach city of Tel Aviv. Those who follow industry trends know that the prominence of Israeli companies is so obvious that industry leaders like the Cleantech Forum have created special newsletter sections just to cover Israel.

GovXParagraph3​ The sun is one to watch

"Last year, our event was conquered by the solar industry, and it’s one of the biggest sectors today," says Godel, who works as a consultant on behalf of Mashov.

In water technology, visitors can expect to see exhibitors providing industrial and municipal solutions such as purification technologies related to wastewater treatment and recycling. And there will be plenty of valves, pumps and meters, as these are still the foundation of the water business of today.

In renewable energy, opportunities in wind, solar, geothermal and hydro-electricity will be explored, as well as highlights and opportunities for Israeli feed-in tariffs in commercial and residential buildings crowned by solar photovoltaic apparatus.

And of course, many world investors are keen to know what Israel plans on doing with the natural gas resources that could change the face of energy consumption and delivery in Israel. Cleaner fuel and new technologies for transporting gas and oil will be explored, with the aim of leading to greener businesses and societies.​​