2009 Israel Business Conference

December 13-14, 2009

 2009 Israel Business Conference


The 2009 Israel Business Conference, the largest annual business conference in Israel attended by more than 3,000 delegates, will deal this year with the re-organization of the global environment, following the financial crisis. The conference, scheduled to be held on December 13th-14th in Tel Aviv, will discuss political and economic trends and scenarios and will host senior members from the Israeli and global business community from fields such as high-tech, capital markets, media, academia and research. The conference forums will host Israeli ministers and MKs.

Israel President Shimon Peres will address the festive opening of the conference which will take place on Saturday, December 12, at 19:30.

In addition, the sessions will be attended by well-known guests from a variety of disciplines such as management, marketing and analysis of the global environment and other market personalities, economists and regulators, such as Stanley Gold, President and CEO of Shamrock, Futurologist Prof. Dr. John Casti, Andy Baukol of the American Treasury Department, Larry Hirst, Chairman of IBM EMEA, Leo Apotheker, CEO of SAP and Jared Cohen of the US state department.

The speakers at the conference will present their geo-political and economic predictions and analyses for the coming years. Other topics in the conference will include U.S. economic reforms, the opportunities they offer Israeli companies, financial challenges in 2010, lessons learned from the regulatory crisis in the capital markets, how technology affects the different industries, as well as education, the Internet and social networks, transportation, management, and more.

The Israel Business Conference will provide an opportunity to explore Israel’s potential in the core market sectors of global economy, investments, banking and financial markets, high-tech, cleantech, biomedicine, and Internet.