Energy 2015 Conference and Exhibition

Energy 2015 Conference and Exhibition


The international Energy 2015 Conference and Exhibition, part of Israel Energy Week, will be the largest event of its kind yet to take place in Israel and one of the most internationally recognized events focused on energy, defense, strategy, technology and innovation. The conference will host the leading keynote speakers from the three fields of "Energy Market Prospects", "Energy and Technology", and "Energy and National Security".

The conference and exhibition is a production of Israel Defense, together with the Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy, and Water Sources, the City of Hadera, IDC Herzliya, the Israel Institute of Energy & Environment, JINSA, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, the Hudson Institute, and the University of Calgary.

Energy 2015 will be comprised of three distinct tracks:

  • Forum on energy market forecasts: Foremost energy experts will join resource analysts, financial institutions and industry leaders to discuss projections for energy supply, demand, global trade and pricing. We will explore new horizons in energy technology, speculate about market fundamentals, learn about the upcoming game changers in the energy landscape and the new winners and losers they will create. 
  • Forum on energy technology: Influential thought leaders and decision makers will join with innovators, investors and industrial leaders will showcase breakthroughs in energy research and technology in electricity production, storage and monitoring, renewable energy, alternative fuels and transportation modes as well as Israel’s latest innovation in energy cyber security and critical energy infrastructure protection.
  • Forum on energy and national security: Top international energy and security experts will discuss the new geopolitics of energy, how energy effects strategic behavior of nations and how the changes in the energy landscape in the Eastern Mediterranean will affect Israel’s strategic environment.

Energy 2015 Exhibition & Business Opportunities

Energy 2015 will showcase the leading technologies and innovations from around the world for a 2-day exhibition. From the newest innovations in energy management systems, to renewable energy solutions, you will find it all at the Energy 2015 Exhibition.

The exhibition will serve as a meeting place for businesses and decision-makers to meet and network.  From the latest start-ups, to multi-national companies, you will find the movers and shakers of the energy market at the exhibition. Energy 2015 provides you unparalleled access to these players, including opportunities for one-on-one meetings, B2B, and other networking opportunities.