Environmentally friendly Israeli pest control

A natural Israeli development replaces the need to use pesticides – pest control using edible oil.

 Environmentally friendly Israeli pest control


Photo: Israel Ministry of Agriculture

(Communicated by the Ministry of Agriculture)

A study conducted at the Agricultural Research Administration (Volcani) of the Ministry of Agriculture reveals that edible oil may be used for pest control purposes. This use significantly reduces the need for pesticides and reduces spraying costs.

Dr. Shmuel Gan-Mor, of the Engineering Institute in the Agricultural Research Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, successfully produced an emulsion made of edible oil as a replacement for chemical pesticides, that is intended for spraying on crops of various kinds, such as: tomatoes, zucchinis, peppers and others.

The study proved the emulsion to be effective in coping with diseases, insects, fungi and agricultural pests, such as mites, Sternorrhyncha, powdery mildew and more. Moreover, the emulsion has also been found effective in the early prevention of disease in plants and may therefore be used for prevention of future diseases and lesions, before the plant is attacked.

Besides being a solution that is friendly to the environment and to man, the emulsion has many advantages compared to ordinary sprays: it keeps well at room temperature and, unlike other pesticides, does not require added preservatives. The raw material from which the spray emulsion is produced, the oil, is relatively cheap, at about a dollar per liter, and high quantities of spray are not required because of the emulsion’s potency. The success of its pest control effect lasts the whole season and insects do not develop resistance to the emulsion as is the case of other sprays. The emulsion does not contain traces of pesticides, is safe for use and does not require "waiting days" before harvesting.