It's all in the voice-eXaudios decodes speech emotions

An Israeli program that identifies emotional states through voice analysis may transform the worlds of sales and medical diagnosis.

 It's all in the voice-eXaudios decodes speech emotions


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Dr. Yoram Levanon, founder and CEO of Israeli company eXaudios Technology, has developed an emotional decoding program based on a computer analysis of voices that may transform the world of sales and can even diagnose conditions such as autism and Parkinson’s, as well as their severity.

Levanon’s computer program was based on his realization that intonation is the secret, which he discovered after analyzing 50,000 voice samples, in a variety of languages.

Initially, eXaudios developed a product based on its technology for call centers. Dubbed MagInify, it is already in use in Israel and the US, where the software analyzes the voices of both agents and the customers, providing feedback and helpful hints in real time. Supervisors can also use the product to monitor agents’ performance.

Levanon later discovered that voices are also influenced by heart disease, cancer and even autism and found that his technology could also be used as a diagnostic tool, often capable of determining the extent of the condition or disease.

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