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Top Democrat slams Israel’s ‘disrespect’ in releasing letter signed by Tlaib

‘No Lives Matter’

ICE officer who drove his truck into row of Jewish protesters resigns

Medical examiner rules Epstein death a suicide by hanging

IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to earlier rocket attack

Four arrested, 3 detained during anti-corruption protests near AG’s home

What Omar, Tlaib were going to do on their thwarted trip to Jerusalem, West Bank

America’s iconic Woodstock festival was more Jewish than you’d think

Trump says Tlaib ‘obnoxiously’ turned down approval to visit West Bank

US issues warrant for seizure of Iranian tanker in Gibraltar

‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ 1950s price campaign forces brief police shutdown

‘Easy Rider’ star, 1960s swashbuckler Peter Fonda dies at 79

Pelosi: We can’t let ‘weakness’ of Trump and Netanyahu harm US-Israel ties

Trump mistakenly mocks his own supporter after Jewish group interrupts him

Labor Dept. proposal would let contractors hire and fire based on beliefs

N.Korea's Kim oversaw the test-firing of new weapon again

Trump suggests the US buy Greenland, but the Danes aren’t having it

Brother of Afghan Taliban leader killed in blast at Pakistan mosque - sources

Actor Peter Fonda dead at age 79 -People magazine

A sense of victory by both Hamas and Israel: A recipe for escalation in Gaza?

Interior Minister Deri approves Rashida Tlaib’s request to enter Israel

Gantz: Netanyahu's zigzagging on Tlaib hurt Israel

Trump slams Tlaib via her grandmother, who ‘doesn’t have to see her’ now

Rashida Tlaib decides not to visit grandmother after Israeli decision

Shabbat candle-lighting times for Israel and U.S.

Corbyn ally, Chris Williamson to sue Labour over antisemitism suspension

Benny Gantz: current cabinet cannot handle new wave of terrorism

Friday's West Bank ramming attack terrorist previously imprisoned in Israel

Siblings stabbed in Gush Etzion terror attack

IDF strikes targets in Gaza following rocket fire

Israel is Correct to Bar Omar and Tlaib

Israel’s ban of Omar and Tlaib is a long-term mistake

Which are Israel's wealthiest and poorest neighborhoods?

IDF officer reprimanded for investigating Hezbollah's flagship tunnel

The pioneers of Halutza

Indicted minister Haim Katz quits cabinet

Yair Netanyahu says his father is a ‘weak man who does foolish things’

Israel has been barring lawmakers of friendly nations for years

Haim Katz resigns from cabinet

Iranian tanker moving, but still anchored in Gibraltar - witness

Thousands protest on the Gaza border

Turkey says Syria safe zone center to start work next week-Anadolu

Protest vigil in response to ramming attack

Trump meeting advisers on Afghan peace plan

Suspicious package found at Israeli embassy in DC

Chinese U.N. ambassador urges India, Pakistan to avoid unilateral action on Kashmir

Israeli embassy reopens in Washington, DC

Nasrallah: we will destroy IDF if forces enter Lebanon

More than 5,500 protestors along Gaza border

Latino celebrities in U.S. issue plea to 'speak out loudly against hate'

Yemen's Houthis launch drone attacks on Saudi's Abha airport -military spokesman

Red Alerts sound across Southern Israel

Trump urges India, Pakistan to reduce tensions over Kashmir, Jammu -White House

Leader of Kenyan drug organization sentenced to 25 years in U.S.

Palestinian Report: A Hamas Outpost was attacked east of Jabalia

Fire near Sea of Galilee, people evacuated

Mexico to deport U.S. citizen suspected of supporting 'violent jihad'

Labor leader Peretz: ‘Qatari money does not ensure calmness’

Jeffrey Epstein autopsy determines death was suicide -medical examiner

IDF strikes in Gaza Strip – Report

Trump, Trudeau discussed developments in Hong Kong

Trump gets update from aides on Afghan peace plan with troop pullout

Iran tanker in Gibraltar can leave when ready, U.S. legal block looms

Poland may join U.S.-led mission in Strait of Hormuz

France calls for immediate end to fighting in Syrian city of Idlib

Police: Palestinian killed, 2 Israelis hurt in car attack

Trump meets with national security team on Afghanistan

Father of kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart comes out as gay

UN expert: Executions in Iran among the world's highest

Mexican agents arrest 15 local police for blocking raid

UPDATE 5-Trump gets update from aides on Afghan peace plan with troop pullout possible

Reporter says he'll sue over suspension of White House pass

'Easy Rider' star and writer Peter Fonda has died at 79

NFL conditionally reinstates Patriots WR Gordon

Leader of largest US organic food fraud gets 10-year term

Roy Moore defamation lawsuit against accusers is paused

Soldier killed in Niger ambush receives posthumous medal

The Latest: Epstein lawyers dissatisfied with autopsy result

UPDATE 6-Iran tanker shifts position but still at anchor off Gibraltar

UPDATE 1-Trump says he is having dinner Friday with Apple CEO Cook

AP Interview: Pelosi assails 'weakness' of Trump, Netanyahu

The Latest: Hundreds come to El Paso victim's funeral

UN expert: Executions in Iran among the world's highest

UPDATE 7-Iran tanker shifts position but still at anchor off Gibraltar

The Latest: Hundreds come to El Paso victim's funeral

'Easy Rider' star, 1960s swashbuckler Peter Fonda dies at 79

UPDATE 2-'Easy Rider' actor Peter Fonda dead at age 79

Kim expresses 'great satisfaction' over NKorea weapons tests

El Salvador sentences gang members; murder rate dropping

Kim expresses 'great satisfaction' over NKorea weapons tests

The Latest: Reporter ID'd in New Orleans small plane crash

New Zealand police charge 23-year-old man with murder of Australian tourist

Correction: Myanmar-ASEAN story

Medical examiner rules Epstein death a suicide by hanging

Reporter ID'd in New Orleans small plane crash

Hundreds arrive to honor El Paso victim after public invited

UPDATE 1-U.S. appeals court deals partial setback to Trump rule to curtail asylum

Hundreds arrive to honor El Paso victim after public invited

Court: US can reject asylum along parts of Mexico border

Women in Mexico City protest alleged police rapes

Hundreds arrive to honor El Paso victim after public invited

MLB Results

UPDATE 2-MLB Results

MLB Rays vs Tigers Box score

UPDATE 2-MLB Rays vs Tigers Box score

Hundreds arrive to honor El Paso victim after public invited

UPDATE 3-MLB Results

MLB Blue Jays vs Mariners Box score

UPDATE 4-MLB Results

UPDATE 5-MLB Results

UPDATE 2-MLB Yankees vs Indians Box score

MLB Yankees vs Indians Box score

UPDATE 6-MLB Results

MLB Red Sox vs Orioles Box score

Building set on fire in protest against China's CNPC in Peru

VerHagen, Tigers shut out Rays

Jays rip four homers in beating Mariners

UPDATE 7-MLB Results

MLB Pirates vs Cubs Box score

Tanka, Yankees hold off Indians 3-2

Mexico is busing asylum-seeking migrants to southern border

UPDATE 8-MLB Results

Porcello, Red Sox cruise past Orioles

MLB Nationals vs Brewers Box score

Medical examiner rules Epstein death a suicide by hanging

Tanaka, Yankees hold off Indians 3-2

UPDATE 9-MLB Results

MLB Reds vs Cardinals Box score

Pirates walk it off in ninth against sliding Cubs

The Latest: Omar disputes Netanyahu's claims about itinerary

UPDATE 2-MLB Reds vs Cardinals Box score

NFL Results

UPDATE 10-MLB Results

MLB Phillies vs Padres Box score

UPDATE 2-MLB Phillies vs Padres Box score

Cardinals tee off on Castillo, Reds

UPDATE 11-MLB Results

Nationals slip by Brewers for 5th straight win

MLB Braves vs Dodgers Box score

UPDATE 2-NFL Results

Harper homers again as Phillies top Padres

Women in Mexico City protest against alleged police rapes

Dodgers keep launching homers, beat Braves again

UPDATE 3-NFL Results

Mexico says businessman Carlos Ahumada arrested in Argentina

New Zealand police make arrest after tourist killed in van

Allen leads Bills to victory over Panthers

UPDATE 4-Official autopsy concludes Epstein death's was suicide by hanging

Sydney stabbing suspect suffers from mental illness - lawyer

EXCLUSIVE-U.S. to extend Huawei's partial reprieve on supply curbs-sources

UPDATE 12-MLB Results

MLB Rockies vs Marlins Box score

Mexico is busing asylum-seeking migrants to southern border

MLB Royals vs Mets Box score

UPDATE 13-MLB Results

Mexico says businessman Carlos Ahumada arrested in Argentina

UPDATE 2-MLB Royals vs Mets Box score

Family seeks more answers to London teen's death in Malaysia

MLB Rangers vs Twins Box score

UPDATE 14-MLB Results

Rockies belt two homers, shut out Marlins

UPDATE 2-MLB Rangers vs Twins Box score

Manning, Daniels solid in Giants' win over Bears

Montgomery, Royals' pen throttles Mets

QB Griffin tops 200 yards as Bucs top Dolphins

For these young Israelis, Netanyahu’s ties with Putin are not a vote winner

Election poll: Kahol Lavan and Likud tie, Labor-Gesher scrapes election threshold

Netanyahu's singular knack for turning friends into bitter enemies

'Israel can’t afford to be a sweetie': Martin Amis on writing, innocence and Jewish manhood

Telegrass drug ring founder flees police in Kiev airport after extradition announced

Israel approves Rashida Tlaib petition to enter 'on humanitarian grounds' to visit grandmother

If a global recession is coming, it will be Trump’s to own

Two Israelis wounded in car-ramming attack near West Bank settlement

Rashida Tlaib cancels West Bank visit, citing Israel's 'oppressive conditions'

The whole world now witnessed Trump and Netanyahu’s racist, annexationist synergy

In the Tlaib-Omar saga, all the politicians are winners

Israel presented Tlaib with a cruel dilemma: Her principles or her family

Israeli lawmaker attacked by police at East Jerusalem protest after he waved Palestinian flag

Bernie Sanders: Israel shouldn’t take U.S. aid if it bans Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Suspected Russian airstrike in Syria rebel area kills 13

What a waste: Jerusalem’s underused sorting center

Israel strikes two Hamas targets after rocket launched from Gaza

Once one of the most powerful figures in Jerusalem, this patriarch wants to go home

Epstein's death was suicide by hanging, medical examiner rules

A Bedouin family gets evicted by Israel, and their baby gets killed

A new front in Yemen’s civil war might end up bolstering Iran

Trump accuses Rashida Tlaib of 'complete setup' over nixed Israel, West Bank visit

How Israel can deter Iran

A crucial moment for the future of the Jewish people

Love can heal Israel's fractured society

Despite being granted entry, Tlaib cancels visit

Car-ramming terror attack in Gush Etzion wounds brother and sister headed for family vacation

5,600 Gazans protest along border fence

3 fires break near Israeli Gaza border communities due to airborne incendiary devices

Rocket launched from Strip into Israel, intercepted by Iron Dome

Autopsy finds Epstein death was suicide by hanging -medical examiner

Mexico detains, extradites suspected US Jihadi supporter

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator lived a low-key life in a tony seaside town in New England, neighbors say

A teen walked out with a $2 beer. The store clerk chased him down and shot him to death.

Colleges and universities can do more to protect students and faculty against hate crimes. Here are some ideas.

Netflix released a new documentary on the secretive religious group ‘The Family.’ Despite its flaws, it’s a must see.

A GOP candidate called himself ‘a proud white nationalist.’ He’s now dropped out.

Trump reportedly wants to buy Greenland. So did the Truman administration.

‘Start exercising’: Trump insults rally protester for ‘serious weight problem’

Police say a man was impersonating officers. He turned out to be a state representative.

Trump administration plans $8 billion fighter jet sale to Taiwan, angering China

When is it too hot to go to school?

Peter Fonda, star of ‘Easy Rider’ and scion of Hollywood royalty, dies at 79

Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy concludes his death was a suicide by hanging

Federal court issues split decision, allowing Trump’s latest asylum restrictions to continue in Texas, New Mexico

Guard resigns from private prison after driving his truck into ICE protesters in Rhode Island

Black teens were fundraising for their football team. Then a white woman held them at gunpoint, police say.

Documents detail investigations of a top general facing sexual assault allegations and his accuser

Mormon Church rules out green tea, vaping and drinks ending in ‘-ccino.’ Medical marijuana is okay, though.

She saw the house and said, ‘We are NOT tearing this down.’

A federal judge in D.C. hit ‘reply all,’ and now there’s a formal question about his decorum

Maryland open houses Aug. 17-18

D.C. open houses Aug. 17-18

Virginia open houses Aug. 17-18

59 dogs removed from a Maryland home. One was reported missing two years ago.

Officials warn of traffic delays ahead of 9/11 memorial ride

Man shot in Northeast Washington has died of his injuries

Democratic Party’s complaint on Hogan donations forwarded to Md. prosecutor’s office

Residents affected by July flash floods can seek U.S. loans this weekend

Arlington finalizes mental-health court plan, but advocates say it won’t go far enough

Lightning missed a man by feet, and it was all caught on camera

Maryland schools aim to include LGBT and disability rights in history curriculum

Suspect charged in June shooting on troubled street in Northwest Washington

Two arrests in slaying that followed funeral, Prince George’s police say

Newborn found in Silver Spring, Montgomery police say

As Kashmir lockdown continues, demonstrators in D.C. look for answers

Washington Monument, closed for five of the past eight years, will reopen Sept. 19

Maryland schools aim to include LGBT and disability rights in history curriculum

Rowers, cyclists and pedestrians face off over a new Anacostia River bridge

Jack Evans threatened Metro officials’ jobs in an effort to conceal ethics violation, documents show

Why doom and gloom won’t help us fight climate change

Here’s some perversely good news for the 2020 Democrats

What privacy?

Russia’s weapons threat needs to be taken seriously

Honesty requires giving all of the facts

We need all the animals on our fragile Earth

Conflicts of interest should lead to William Perry Pendley’s recusal

Reasonable limits on guns are essential to a functioning society

Maryland doesn’t need another fossil fuel power plant

The water’s path

A new approach for working students in Montgomery county

D.C.’s early release bill is a slap in the face to sex-crime victims

No, D.C.’s criminal justice reform efforts don’t go too far

Foreign firms operating in Xinjiang need to consider human rights — or risk being complicit

Why Palestinians aren’t surprised by the humiliation of Rashida Tlaib

Reform prosecutors are committed to making society fairer — and safer

How Trump put Netanyahu in an untenable position

Gardeners learn to see time differently

The original Woodstock was chaos. That helped make it magic.

McConnell realizes with horror that Beto is right: The Senate is not enough

Happy Hour Roundup

‘Deepening the mystery’: The Post scores a scoop and then botches it

Warren’s success depends on her answering these five questions

D.C.’s rivers are getting cleaner. Let’s think about taking a dip.

Modi has stoked Kashmir’s anger and stained all India’s democracy

What early polls can — and can’t — tell you about who will be the Democratic nominee

Yes, undocumented immigrants take jobs from Americans. Here’s the proof.

Philadelphia goes to war with itself in the wake of the latest shooting

Hong Kong and Russia protesters fight for democracy. The West should listen and learn.

The future of U.S. wildlife conservation could fall on this beetle

Voters don’t have to settle for a binary choice. Look at Justin Amash.

Why is sexual abuse so often common knowledge before it becomes a lawsuit?

Don’t waste your breath trying to convince Trump supporters he’s repugnant

Ghislaine Maxwell read my book at In-N-Out Burger. Then it sold out on Amazon.

Another threat to endangered species: The Trump administration

I walked across Spain. Here’s what I learned.

5 things you need to know about last week’s explosion in Russia

Power Up: Trump urged Bibi to diss two members of the 'Squad.' Long term, that may be damaging.

‘Strong NGOs and Weak States’ takes an intriguing look at the path of justice in Congo and South Africa

Cory Booker wants a ‘baby bond’ for every U.S. child. Would it work?

The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees faces another crisis

Mark Sanford says he’s ‘growing ever closer’ to launching a GOP primary challenge against Trump

The man Trump mocked as heavyset at his New Hampshire rally was a Trump supporter

2 troubling signs for Trump in this new Fox News poll

QAnon supporters claim they were censored at Trump’s New Hampshire rally

Corey Lewandowski’s potential New Hampshire Senate run is a very Trumpian move

Elizabeth Warren proposes plan to aid Native American communities

The Daily 202: The newest purity test for Democrats is whether to mandate assault weapons buybacks

The Wall Street Journal tried to gently shift trade-war blame away from Trump. He savaged it anyway.

Lewandowski says he’ll happily appear before Judiciary panel next month and defend Trump

The freewheeling, uncontainable nature of Trump’s anti-elite get-togethers

Trump and senior aides discuss withdrawal from Afghanistan as talks with Taliban advance

Once the Democratic field starts to narrow, Biden’s path may get rockier

Corey Lewandowski’s potential New Hampshire Senate run is a very Trumpian move

The Wall Street Journal tried to gently shift trade-war blame away from Trump. He savaged it anyway.

Why is Trump trying to import Greenlandic socialism?

Why is Trump trying to import Greenlandic socialism?

Warning or threat? Democrats ignite controversy with Supreme Court brief in gun case

A toxic rift opens between Democrats and Israel after the nation refuses entry to two members of Congress

Ask Amy: Emotions roll when the ex gets married

Some travelers are dressing the part when they visit historic locations

On the Eastern Shore, Virginia’s Cape Charles is in the midst of a small-town renaissance

Fueled by fire, Piccolina does a lot with a little (space)

Three life skills your kid’s college professor wishes you taught them

What should you keep in your freezer? Rachael Ray, Christopher Kimball and more experts weigh in